About Rosee

I am a certified canine behaviour counsellor, based in Gloggnitz, Lower Austria, where I live with my whippet, Chai, my ex-racer greyhound, Stevie, and my golden retriever, Gambit.

I speak English and German, and offer individual dog behaviour consultations, an innovative method of lead handling, training walks, and nosework activities. I will gladly support you while you are looking for the right dog for you and your family. If you have a puppy, I can help you set him or her up for success in life.

Give and take is the key to a harmonious life with my dogs! A happy dog is a sensible and balanced dog, who has learned to make good decisions in social situations. The conditions for this are two-way communication and mutual trust.

Don’t we all want that for our dogs?

Through experience of working through issues with my own dogs, I discovered a way of living with them which differs in some ways from the usual approach.